Madoc documentation


Projects are a core part of Madoc, they represent a set of tasks that need to be completed for each item in a set of content. Each site in Madoc can have multiple projects and each project can be run on a subset of the Collections and Manifests that have been imported.
A project is made up of the following components:
  • Content - The IIIF content that will be worked on in the project
  • Configuration - Specific configuration for this project to customise aspects of the project.
  • Capture model - A template that describes what information you want to crowdsource for each of the canvases in the project.
  • Tasks - A tree of tasks that represent all of the progress of the project.
Projects are primarily made up of tasks. A task is a small unit of work that can be assigned to a single user and target a piece of content. Whenever a user contributes to a project it will be recorded as a task. This task will be visible to that user so they can go back to their work and see its status as it progresses. When a contribution needs to be reviewed - this also becomes another task and is assigned to a reviewer on the site.
This chapter will take you through creating and setting up a project.