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Site terms and conditions

A new addition in Madoc v2.2 is site terms and conditions. This is a customisable page on Madoc that has an "Agree" button at the bottom. This allows you to inform users and have them agree before signing up. This can be found at /s/{site}/terms

Once you have set up your first terms and conditions, new users will be linked to the terms and told that they agree when registering to your site. Additionally, you can add a line of text above and/or below the registration and login pages.

From this page you can click the button "edit terms" to go to the terms page in the admin.

Existing users will be shown a small notification in the bottom right of the screen when the terms and conditions are first created and also when they are updated - so they can read and agree.

In the database, a list of the terms that each user has accepted is stored. This could be used in the future to lock features, pages or the ability to contribute until a user accepts the latest terms.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on how this feature could evolve, please open a discussion (opens in a new tab) on the Madoc GitHub.