User Notifications

User notification API

In Madoc, anywhere in the backend where you have access to the api object that has site.admin permissions you can send a notification to a user. The notification API can be access via api.notifications. It contains the following methods:

  • getAllNotifications(page = 0) - returns paginated notifications for the current user.
  • getNotificationCount() - returns the number of notifications for the current user.
  • readAllNotifications() - marks all notifications as read for the current user.
  • readNotification(id) - marks a single notification as read for the current user.
  • clearAllNotifications() - clears all notifications for the current user.

Additionally, you can create a notification for a user using the createNotification method.

await api.notifications.createNotification({
  id: generateId(),
  title: 'Title of notification',
  summary: 'Summary of notification',
  action: {
    id: 'task:admin',
    link: `urn:madoc:task:${taskId}`,
  user: 123,

You will have to provide the UUID for the notification, a title, a summary, an action, and the user ID. You can expand the action types in the NotificationCenter (opens in a new tab) component.

Action types supported:

  • task:admin - link to a task in the admin interface.
  • task - link to a task in the site interface.
  • manifest - link to a manifest in the site interface.
  • user - link to a users profile in the admin interface. (used for new registration notifications)