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Model playground

Capture model playground

Here you can try creating a capture model from scratch using a shorthand syntax.

Each new line is a single field, you can add modifiers to the field by using the following syntax:


The available modifiers are:

  • {@many} - Allows multiple instances of the field
  • {@default/some value} - Sets the default value of the field
  • {@type/some-field-type} - Sets the type of the field
  • {@lang/en} - Sets the language of the field
  • {@langs/en,fr,es} - Sets the languages of the field (comma separated)
  • {@defaultLang/en} - Sets the default language of the field
  • {@description/some description} - Sets the description of the field
  • {@pluralLabel/things} - Sets the plural label of the field when multiple instances are allowed

Press the "Preview" button to see the resulting capture model.