v2.2 (experimental)

Madoc v2.2


Madoc v2.2 is not yet released.

This is a preview of the upcoming features. For the latest stable release, see v2.1.


Technical changes

There are some technical changes that have been made in this release that may affect you if you are developing plugins or extensions for Madoc.

Madoc extensions

For this release we have documented the available extension points in Madoc. Some extension points are only accessible through making changes to codebase, and others have been added to the plugin system.

We have also added some new extension points:


Currently, Madoc primarily uses Styled Components (opens in a new tab) for styling. This has been a great way to get started, but we have found that it is not as easy to maintain as we would like and has not scaled well. We have therefore decided to migrate to Tailwind (opens in a new tab) for styling new components. This also allows us to grab some of the great components that exist in the community and use them in Madoc, linking them up to the page block system.

There are around 400 Styled Components used in Madoc currently, so it is unlikely that we will be able to migrate all of these in one go. We will therefore be migrating components as we go, and will be using Tailwind for all new components.